Dr. Kristy's Story

Like most healers, my journey began with my own personal testimony. I was that patient who was struggling without answers. Every day, my pain condition caused more and more disruption to my goals and my dreams. I was bounced around from specialist to specialist looking for answers with no avail. I had every test under the sun. I was poked and prodded only to come up empty handed. Every test came back “normal.” So what happens when your pain and discomfort cant be explained by traditional medicine’s sophisticated tests? Perhaps it’s all in your head! That’s where I put my foot down.

Anyone who has ever known me has never accused me of being depressed. I was top of my class, I loved school, and I was ambitious about my pre-med studies to become a doctor myself one day. The problem was that the very profession that I was studying to become a part of was failing me personally. Not knowing what I know today, I was left to trust my doctors. The problem was that their recommendations on how to treat my pelvic pain became more and more invasive with more severe risks. When the tests couldn't show the source of my condition, the doctors recommended exploratory surgery...that’s right….open me up and see what they could see. For lack of any better suggestion, I obliged. It was then diagnosed that I had endometriosis. Having a diagnosis seemed comforting for a short minute until that is that it became clear that there was no great long-term plan to manage or cure my condition. I had surgery every 2 years thereafter to remove the lesions that were causing my pain followed by a course of hormone treatments which put me into menopause. It became clear after 3 surgeries that this wasn't a good long-term plan, especially since I was only in college, wasn't in a long-term relationship, and couldn't make a final decision about the future of my fertility.

My gynecologist at the time even suggested that I have a complete hysterectomy and have some eggs frozen in case I wanted to have a family at a later time. WHAT?!! I remember one evening, the medication that was injected into me (meaning you can't just decide you don't want to take it any longer) made the 60 Minutes news program due to the dangerous long-term neurological side-effects. The report was so negative that my gynecologist actually called me personally the next day to discuss what I had heard and stated that he would understand if I decided not to undergo any more treatments. What I have not yet mentioned is during this time, I was forced to take time from my undergraduate pre-medical studies because I was so sick with the symptoms of menopause. The injections temporarily made the pain worse before giving me a short reprieve just in time for the next surgery 2 years later. I couldn't concentrate on school. Deciding to come home and pause my undergraduate studies was an all-time ultimate low. It felt like defeat. Like most dark times, they can be beautiful in retrospect. 

While I was home on hiatus from school, I had an opportunity to research the medical philosophy of health and I also compared that to other less traditional philosophies. During this time, I discovered Chiropractic. New York Chiropractic College was less than 5 miles from my childhood home. Through Chiropractic, I learned that our bodies are health themselves and that healing is something that is expressed from the inside out. This philosophy resonated greatly with me. Needless to say, I never looked back or went back to pre-med studies. I enrolled in Chiropractic college and simultaneously completed my bachelor’s degree. All the while, I applied what I learned to heal myself. Today, I no longer have endometriosis or cysts on my ovaries. It has been decades since I have taken pain meds or hormone treatments or had surgery!

I have helped countless men and women heal their health conditions naturally and to find hope in the fact that... their bodies can and will heal.

About Scott Harvell, 

Dr. Kristy's husband and business partner Scott Harvell is the Nutrition and Health Coach at Health By Design. Scott works one on one with patients to help them progress to a lifestyle of clean eating for optimal health and performance. He has owned and managed multiple businesses in his 25+ working career, typically in the service industries geared towards solving problems and providing solutions for needs.

Through nutrition, Scott has been able to personally conquer severe depression with suicidal thoughts, been able to eliminate all chemical medications, has not been to a medical doctor in over 15 years, has an immune system that’s powerful enough to beat any illness within days, and is more energized and productive than ever. As a result of Scott’s personal journey and testimonial, he is passionate about helping others discover how they too can live their optimal life through nutrition and personal care. 

Outside of work, Scott is a proud father and husband; a warrior for God’s Kingdom; an inventor; a writer; a mentor; an investor; and is always driven to living the best life possible.

Passion Fueled Businesses

With Dr. Kristy's experiences, both personal and in her clinical settings, she is determined to give back to those that don't know what to do and that are looking for answers. She is passionate about giving people their lives back through empowering the natural healing ability that is already inside of them and fostering a healthy communication with what the body is saying rather than suppressing symptoms.  

A core value in everything she does is the belief in the prevention of disease and the maintenance of health in order to experience life to its fullest! 

Health By Design, the 90/10 Lifestyle, and her Weird Works Podcast are just a few of the ways she is giving back and making a big influence in her life-changing work. Click below to see how else she is impacting the community! 

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